The Crown Lodge: the best place to follow horse racing in the Champ de Mars!

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Every weekend, Port-Louis enjoys an unparalleled excitement during the horse racing days which take place at the Champ de Mars. This sports event, very popular in Mauritius, attracts thousands of visitors who flock to see the purebred horses competing for trophies.

In “la plaine”, - the middle part, inside the race track of the Champ de Mars – the bettors push their way through the crowd to bet on their favourite horse with the bookmakers. But there are so many people that it is not easy to obtain the right place to enjoy a perfect visibility on the finish line! Fair enough: the horse racing buffs and fans will come back every Saturday, as they like the prevailing atmosphere.

Is there another way to experience horseracing at the Champ de Mars? Let’s go to the Crown Lodge where one can follow races in exceptional conditions. The Crown Lodges, it’s the place to be to experience hours of excitement and thrills.

An unusual day: a beautiful discovery can turn into passion in this private area, imagined by Jacques Ritter, manager and owner of Crown Lodge. Each Saturday, the race fans of the whole island, from north to south, from west to east, and from around the world meet together. After the welcome drink, they are already the best friends in the world!

In the Crown Lodge, located on the VIP balcony, the guests benefit from a strategic position allowing an unobstructed view of the finish line, the paddock and the prize giving ceremony. Drinks, petits fours as well as Mauritian specialities are served to guests, who can exchange occasionally a few words with horse owners and local coaches. This is a moment where expatriates can share with Mauritian: with equal enthusiasm, they appreciate the beauty of the horses and the cheerfulness of the multi-coloured gowns.

The Crown Lodge was awarded the Award of Excellence by Trip Advisor for the third consecutive year. It is such a resounding success, that another Lodge, called “Anou al Lécourse” is now available. It is reserved for the Mauritian and the Mauritian residents.

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