The Food Court Shopping Centre Jumbo Score is operational again

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Are you searching for a shopping center where to eat? What about taking a trip to the Food Court of Phoenix Commercial Centre which has now a completely new look? The Food Court was inaugurated on the 24th August 2016 and is hosting restaurants that did not close during renovation works. Other fast-foods will set up their quarters, including KFC or Taste of Asia. They will serve delicious foods to the customers of the Commercial Center where is situated the hypermarket Jumbo Score.

This renovation aims to offer a unique shopping experience to Mauritian in a modern and harmonious architectural setting, as explained by Selvin Mootoosawmy, Manager of the Phoenix Commercial Centre. He also indicated that the tenants of the shops will be grouped to facilitate shopping. Several other stores, which will propose international brand products, will open soon.

Restoration works of the Phoenix Commercial Centre have started since last February and will cease by the end of this year. The esplanade which is located in front of the hypermarket and the former Food Court will be transformed into a commercial gallery.