The Mauritian tourism experienced an excellent year in 2015

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The tourism sector in Mauritius is doing very well ! According to the MTPA (Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority), this small island of the Indian Ocean welcomed more than 1 1500 000 visitors in 2015 against 1,038,968 in 2014. This represents an increase of 11%. The statistics were revealed by Arnaud Martin, President of the MTPA. Let us remind you that this organism aims to promote the Mauritian tourism sector around the world.


France on top of the leading trio

Once again, a growing number of French tourists has come to Mauritius. Last year, 254,362 of them have enjoyed their holidays in the island. They are followed by 143,834 visitors from Réunion Island and 129,796 English tourists

Apart from France, Mauritius attracts tourists from around the world, including India and China. The number of tourists from these two countries is rising steadily.

Forecasts for 2016

In this favourable context, the MTPA hopes to reach the goal of 6 to 7% growth for the year. The organization wishes to attract more visitors during the low season, it’s a real challenge for 2016! However, no need to hurry. We need to be careful and move step by step, explained Kevin Ramkalawon, director of the MTPA.

Meanwhile, tourists are arriving in large numbers in Mauritius for a sunny interlude. The tourism sector, who generates nearly 100,000 jobs, is taking advantage of this situation.

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