The richest people of Africa live in Mauritius

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The consultants of Research and Markets office for New World Wealth has released the 3rd edition of the report dedicated to wealth in Africa on 15 March 2016. With an annual average of $ 21.700, Mauritius is on the top of the podium. This island located in the Indian Ocean ranks first because of its economic development, particularly the financial sector, its pleasant lifestyle, tax regulations and rights to the property.

South Africa is second since Johannesburg is the "hub of private banks" with the management of approximately Rs 2,604 billion. With $ 10,200, Namibia is third.

For this ranking, several criteria have been taken in consideration by the consulting firm as real estate, personal fortunes, hotels, watches and luxury cars, among others. Africa has 165,000 high-net-worth individual (HNWI) who are at the head of a fortune of about Rs 31,1206 billion.

The United States ranks first among the richest nations in the world, ahead of China and Japan.