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Buying land for construction

Choosing the geographical site implies taking into account the distance between the plot and where you work, where you practice your sport, where you do the shopping. If you have any children, think about the easy access and the transport (...)

Construction Guide

Before You Build Your House in Mauritius Building a new house in Mauritius can be the most important project a family undertakes, and it begins long before the foundations are cast. A house is an asset, as well as an investment for the (...)

House Plans

Before contacting a building contractor, a house plan giving all necessary indications must be drawn. The plan must include the number of rooms and their location as well as their surface areas. Globally, the plan must include 10% of additional (...)

Finding an architect

When meeting an entrepreneur, a house plan must have already been created, which is often done by an architect. The plan being the starting point of a construction, it is essential for it to be properly executed by a professional architect whose (...)

Buying off-plan in Mauritius

When it comes to real estate transactions in Mauritius, the trend that is being observed since a couple of years is off-plan property acquisition. This simply implies buying a property from architects’ drawings where the construction is only at (...)