The first high class marina settles at Rivière-Noire

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Source : l’express of the 15/11/2009, Article by Lindsay Prosper.

Regardless of the downturns regarding IRS projects, ENL Properties pursues its hotel and residential project at Rivière-Noire. The registered reservations during a presentation in South Africa are promising. The construction works are starting next year.

It is the Rivière Noire estuary which will shelter La Balise Marina, the forth hotel project conducted in the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS) program framework. Those projects mainly target those who are willing to purchase residential properties of a minimum of 500 000 american dollars. This is the equivalent of about thirty apartments at Rs 700 000 per unit.

Although La Balise Marina is the fourth of the projects list, it represents a unique concept. It is the first IRS project structured around a marina. This implies that the 118 future investors will acquire, in sole ownership, a waterfront residence with an infrastructure for pleasure boats, based on an area of 37 hectares.

This project is carried in one of the four most suitable sites for a marina installation. These are the conclusions of a study carried by the State. In fact, the site is protected from the winds thanks to the mountain ranges protecting it from distance relative to the north, the east and to the south. The tide shall not represent an issue either, the study having shown that the waves’ impacts on the site are insignificant.

In at least four years, EPL Property, the real estate branch of the Espitalier Noel group, intends to transform this site into a luxury tourism hot spot. Apart from the 188 high class residences, the marine will include a hotel, the Island Grace Hotel of 70 rooms offering a spa, a kid’s club, a tennis court and a commercial centre. Even before the beginning of the construction works, about fifty potential buyers have booked since a presentation carried in South Africa. Most of them come from this country.
Gilbert Espitalier Noel, Chief Executive of ENL Properties, congratulates himself: “Even though some promoters did not encounter the same success as ENL Property, the Integrated Resort Scheme to the Mauritian economy will be more important. In this context, our company is bound to provide to its clients a product of the highest quality possible.”

From October, General Construction has taken over the site. The construction works started on the 9th of November. It consists of the dredging of the lagoon to ease the construction works from the start of 2010. Gilbert Espitalier Noel guaranteed that the works will be carried in such a way that they will not cause any irreparable damage to the environment.
“We signed an agreement with General Construction to ensure that the construction works strictly respect the guidelines mentioned in the management plan regarding the project’s environmental aspects”, he says. In order to diminish the impact of this project on the water distribution networks, the promoters foresee the implementation of a sea water desalination project and the exploitation of groundwater.
The locality’s fishermen were not forgotten: they have been compensated for the inconveniences which the construction works shall entail.

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