Azuri Ocean & Golf Village – Mauritius

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Azuri Ocean & Golf Village – Mauritius

Since its inception seven years ago on a large estate in the North of Mauritius, Azuri Ocean & Golf Village has metamorphosed into a vibrant and tight-knit community. Mauritians, expatriates, and foreign investors can purchase property, residency, splendid contemporary residences designed by famed architects, as well as gain access to a secluded beach, a bustling cafe, an array of restaurants, a gourmet shop, a fabulous spa, a sports club, and a spectacular golf course.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself dreaming of a warm, gentle Indian Ocean breeze, while it infuses you with the soothing essence of living by the sea.

Azuri is a unique community in Mauritius, with a lifestyle blending conviviality and convenience – with services, shops and restaurants on site.

In the midst of a lush tropical setting, its villas and apartments have a truly homely feel. It all makes for a chic and relaxing environment, ideal for everyday living and taking advantage of the beach, the golf course and a variety of other activities.

Our vision for Azuri

Living well, safely and happily in a place with a soul.

  • A more resource-efficient life.
  • Businesses, community life and a sustainable mindset are intertwined.
  • Ensure that our people feel well, safe and happy.
  • Physical and emotional balance of its citizens.

Our Mission for Azuri

We are committed to promoting health and wellbeing in our sustainable beachside urban village.

Our Value Proposition


Discover the Smart City of Azuri Ocean & Golf Village – Mauritius

The boutiques and shops located within Azuri Village Centre are perfect for a nearby shopping trip and you will find daily essentials, in addition to unique clothing items and gifts for any occasion. There are also quarterly Market Days, organised by the Azuri Team, where you will find unique crafts, foodstuffs, and other trinkets: and exhibitions and street performances are put on during the holidays, and for special events.

One of life’s greatest passions is food – the healthier and fresher, the better. This is why Azuri takes pride in its assortment of culinary outlets and dining experiences found within the village. Whether you’re looking for a gratifying breakfast, a long lunch, a candlelight dinner, or to satisfy an afternoon craving on the run, the carefully selected restaurants and bars, and the café and food boutiques, will inspire you with their distinctive offerings and gastronomic appeal.

Dedicated to shaping a better urban future

As an organisation dedicated to shaping a better future, by designing the lifestyle patterns of tomorrow, we believe that if we want to improve the quality of life of our people, we have to stop seeing it as an afterthought. Well-being should be at the heart of how we plan, assess and design our city.

Azuri Nautical Club

Azuri Nautical Club (managed by JPH Boat Services) offers Mauritius’ finest in sea and oceanic encounters, whether it be by kayak, paddle board, windsurf, pedal boat, sail board, SUP, or another sea craft of your choice.

Azuri Boat Yard

Keeping your vessel clean and ship-shape is a key to safe and exciting water fun; and ensures you look smart when you’re out on the water! Many families living by the sea at Azuri have their own boats. Apart from mooring points within the bay, Azuri provides services to launch and haul your boat, and offers topmost maintenance and storage to care for it between use. A private boat yard is located on the premises with space to park 60 boats (up to 30 ft each), and there is a petrol station for convenient fuelling of your craft.

Well-being is at the heart of the Azuri community and assures that the pursuit of health and wellness is socially relevant to every initiative we undertake. In order to create a place where individuals of all ages live in a healthy and safe environment, Azuri is committed to promoting the physical and emotional well-being of village inhabitants by enhancing access to eating and fitness routines, civic engagement and health-based projects, collaboration with medical and sports professionals, and creating other programs that endorse good health and safety.

- The Spa, the Pool, the Gym

The Spa, the Pool, and the Gym at Azuri are located just behind the market place. Enter the spiritual realm of this sanctuary through the winding path of an outdoor Zen.

- Azuri Tennis & Paddle Club by Matteo Tennis Association (MTA)

Get fit and have fun at the same time, with the varied tennis and paddle programs available from MTA. Matteo Zinno – with 15+ years’ experience in tennis coaching, BEES 3 training, and course certification from Tony Nadal – and his team are ready to help amateur players or aspiring champions develop their tennis abilities, while enjoying playing the game.

The Nine – a signature par-3 9-hole golf course is to be the first of its kind on the island. Over recent years, golf has grown in popularity amongst Mauritians and its international communities. The desirability for a golf offering such as Azuri’s makes its launch – scheduled for the second quarter of 2022 – a highly encouraging perspective.

  • Accessible to foreigners

  • On the golf

  • Beachfront

  • Marina

  • At the heart of nature

  • Adapted to seniors


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