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Estimate the right selling price of your house

Estimating the selling price of your house might be quite a tough process. Negotiations between the seller and the buyer most of the time turns out to be game: for the latter, the major goal is to sell his property at the most profitable price (...)

Buying land for construction

Choosing the geographical site implies taking into account the distance between the plot and where you work, where you practice your sport, where you do the shopping. If you have any children, think about the easy access and the transport (...)

Comment financer l’achat d’un bien à Maurice

Les Européens et les Français se plaignent souvent de leur sort, mais savent-ils qu’ils bénéficient depuis plusieurs années de possibilités de financements exceptionnelles ? Imaginez un instant si, à l’île Maurice, nous pouvions emprunter sur des (...)

Obtaining a home loan in Mauritius

Very often, buying a real estate property in Mauritius requires bank financing by means of a home loan. Targeting both Mauritians and expats, a wide variety of banks and financial institutions on the island offers tailor-made solutions regarding (...)